Anyone a projector expert? Have some questions!

    Hey all,

    I need some help from a seasoned expert

    I am torn between the (now much more expensive) £499 BENQ W1070 and the £464 Optoma HD142X.

    I predict that my (ceiling mounted) projector bulb will be about 3.2 meters from my 92" projector screen, which has a vertical width of 203cm.

    Looking at the projector calculator, it looks like both projectors will fit in my room and fill up the projector, with :

    - the BenQ needing to be seated 3.05m from the screen and at 1.00x Zoom
    - The Optoma needing to be seated somewhere between 3m and 3.3m from the screen, with zoom ranging from 1.00x to 1.09x

    Can someone please advise if I am accurate here? If so, based on the discussions here it does sound like the Optoma is a more sensible bet (brighter, a little cheaper). Any concerns I am missing? E.g. price of bulbs etc?

    Thank you in advance!


    I'd say that the Optoma has higher lumens than the Benq, if it was me making that purchase that would be the main thing I'd be looking at first, before the rest of the spec. Also check the price of replacement bulbs.

    Just having a quick scan through the specs on each, it looks like the Optoma has more lamp life (5000 Hours) over the Benq (3500 Hours)..

    The bulbs if I'm reading this right, appear to be slightly cheaper on the Benq, but as you get an extra 1500 hours on the Optoma and the unit is overall cheaper, I'd say the Optoma is looking better value.

    As for the positioning issue, I'm of the attitude it's a suck it and see policy, I don't think with either you would be disappointed. Do you intend to ceiling mount it or something?

    p.s I've had a few projectors now, you tend to find even though the bulb may be expensive now, I've found from experience the prices tend to drop over time, just my thoughts.

    I have the optoma 141x and it's a great bit of kit. Bulb life is great so I would definitely recommend it.
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