Anyone a tv repair person on here?

Found 30th Nov 2014
loking for some advice..
i own a 6 year old toshiba 40xf355 lcd tv
recently i have noticed an 3-4 inch lighter vertical band that is noticable on lighter colours such as grey.
ive tried different inputs including scart and the problem is still there.
however when i remove the inpit and there is a blue or black no signal screen, the picture is its perfect..no vertical band.
what do you think is failing?
theres a source of cheap bits off ebay and seems a shame to dump an excellent tv

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Don't know the answer but suggest you ask on AVForums and What Hi-Fi forum. I thought current LCD TVs were too complex / required too specialist equipment to repair so there aren't local TV repairmen like there used to be. May be wrong though.

Hi, this is a known fault with this tv. I think they had a bad batch of panels from Samsung. Basically the vast majority of these tvs developed the same fault. It happened on 2 of mine and also friends.
When I spoke to tosh engineer I asked if it just stayed a different shade but he told me it will get worse, eventually the small part will go off!
Toshiba used to admit it was a fault and if you rang them even outside of warranty which I am sure this is a long way out they used to give partial refunds.
No harm phoning and seeing if they can do anything, I was lucky and got a swap for a 3d led at the time but this is going back about 5/6 years, but you got to try!!!
Any other questions feel free to pm me.

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Damn..was hoping it wasn't the end..I can put up with it for the moment...as its only slightly noticeable..
Weird that its fine on the black and blue no signal screen..but time will tell..
Not happy that it's barely lasted 6 years.
On the plus side when it dies go I suppose I get to choose one of the great deals that are about now!

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Should I phone and ask them?
What's a reasonable timescale for a TV to last? They are never going to admit its a manufacturing fault


Screen gone!

if you have a glass hammer give it a slight tap in affected area

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I have a club hammer..will that work?

You may still be able to claim under the Sales of Goods Act but you may be out of time as its 6 years from date of purchase. Maybe worth pursuing.

6 years old, when it finally breaks I'd just cut the losses and get a new TV personally. Modern Toshiba TVs generally get poor reviews all round compared to other brands.

I would have said it has lasted a reasonable amount of time, but no harm in asking the question eh !

Just mention it has developed a well known fault......

I would give them a ring, 6 years is arguably not a very long time for a TV to last. I rememeber I had a Samsung monitor that was a similar age, I emailed them complaing about a batch of dead pixils that had appeared on my screen. There was no quibbling or arguing they offered me a part refund in the form off a discount off a new monitor, The part refund IIRC was nearly 75% of the full price.
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Should I phone and ask them? What's a reasonable timescale for a TV to … Should I phone and ask them? What's a reasonable timescale for a TV to last? They are never going to admit its a manufacturing fault

I worked for Tosh for 7 years, they did admit it was a fault and were always very helpful to customers that phoned.
Worth giving them a call even now!

I'd call them anyway, The worse they can do is say no.
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