Anyone a Wierd Al Yankovic fan - His new Single Video

Found 25th Oct 2006
The new Wierd Al Yankovic Single video
I laughed, on so many levels

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Dood, u so deserve rep for that!!! thanks lol

I loved this song when I first heard it on Straight Outta Lynwood, thanks for linking the video.

Gotta love weird al. The eBay song always seems to be playing in our house!!

Of course I love Weird Al! Anyone seen his interview with Eminem after not being allowed to do a parody video:


The editing is just superb!


Original Poster


Of course I love Weird Al! Anyone seen his interview with Eminem after … Of course I love Weird Al! Anyone seen his interview with Eminem after not being allowed to do a parody video:]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfwex5gfnWoThe editing is just superb!John

Awesome video, I love it, thanks John!

I thought you would enjoy ot - I've watched it many times but it still cracks me up every time. It works so well, it doesn't feel at all like it's been cut together most of the time - Enimem seems bored and annoyed with most of the questions just as you would expect if he was being interviewed by someone like Weird Al.

I take it you've seen UHF? Why he's not made any other films I've no idea, he still seems well known and popular.


He's made quite a few videos. There's an animated on called "Don't Download this Song" on google video which has just been released, and somewhere there's "I'm fat" (Michael Jackson Parody) and "All About the Pentiums" to name a couple.

Also, there's user-made "eBay" videos and a well put-together video of his American Pie parody about star wars, with all of the clips taken from star wars and edited together. I believe there's also an official video for this but it's no where near as good.

It's actually likely that Weird Al has even more videos than that. He does, after all, have his own TV show in America. I've never seen it ever though...

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Yeah, AL TV on MTV.
When I first discovered Kazaa back at Uni I downloaded as many of his music videos as I could find, I have 2 CD-R's full with them.
I don't think he has a Music Video DVD released though, which is a shame because he'd probably make a fair bit from that.

As I understand it in the US you don't need an artists permission to Parody their song if you keep the music the same. But you do need the original owners permission to make a parody of the video.
That is why there are some songs which don't have music videos, as per part of the discussion in the video ]Johnmcl7 posted.
I've been a Wierd Al fan since school when a guy came over from the US to join our school and played some of Wierd Al's music for me.


X10 That was brilliant! Thanks!!! I laughed and laughed. I'll have to watch it a few more times to catch all the jokes.

And then write down how many apply to me... (He did actually mention searching for deals while internet shopping...!)

Lots apply to me, lol. Gotta love it. The eBay song is amazingly true as well, lol.
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