Anyone able to get gamestation to price match other retailers for black ops

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Found 9th Nov 2010
just rang them as ive got vouchers, got told they wont price match, is my crappy gamestation telling porkies or are all gamestations doing this, they didnt mind me paying 310 other day for a ps3 bundle which they pricematched against game, so this shouldnt be any different


Game and Gamestation are the same company which is why they probably price matched.

Haven't asked my local GS for a while, last time i did they said they will price match anywhere which isn't a special offer, which is silly as they class everything as a special offer, i.e £39.99 with them £34.99 with ASDA, thats seen as a sale item...

Never heard of Gamestation or Game price matching anywhere but it'd make sense if the price matched each other given that they're the same company, as Starr mentioned. If you wanna push for a reduction, you should go straight to the manager as the guys on the till probably don't have the clearance to make reductions which aren't in-line with normal policy.

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they usually pricematch others for me like hmv/asda so thats not an issue, just them not doing it for black ops against anyone, will ring manchester now see what they say, not happy as wanted to grab 2 copies today

the gamestation back home priced matched Red dead redmption for me (used argos to price match) few months back as had vouchers with them. so dont see any diffrence unless they have changed there T&C.

they told me that activision wouldnt let them last night in bristol, but hmv were £3 cheaper next door,

I couldn't even get the Bristol branch to price match there own website lol. Then they tried to convince me that if I pre-ordered CODBLOPS and it came out cheaper they would price match. Yeah right.

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exactly they do pricematch on buy'ins and trade'ins against anyone local to them, so they should , just rang gamestation in manchester city centre just got told no again, i doubt activision has a say in how they run their company, maybe if they undercut everyone by a good margin then fair enough, but this being their own rules its a little unfair.
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