Anyone almost/fainted while doing excersie without breakfast?

Found 21st Feb 2011
Man oh man what a day. Woke up late so didn't have time for breakfast, rode my bike to Uni for about 10 minutes. When I got to uni I felt really dizzy and almost passed out, good job I sat down for 30mins and ate some chocolate. Pretty scary, the world was just spinning in my head and for some reason you get the sensation of getting the runs.

P.S. how long should you really leave after having a big breakfast before doing exercise?
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That's not a normal reaction to not having breakfast......i often go to the gym before eating.
Have a banana. If you exercise & diet at the same time it can **** your potassium levels. A banana for/with breakfast can be a lifesaver...
I personally wouldn't be exercising for at least 2 hours after I eat a big meal...if its running, football etc I'll just throw it up otherwise lol.

If its a small snack banana etc I still like to give it at least an hour, that way I know I can push myself whilst doing a workout
It was nearly 3 months since I last rode my bike and I was pushing pretty hard up hill, so maybe that took its toll on my body a bit.
I always ride the bikes before breakfast, i only eat when ive kicked them out.
I got ripped on fasted cardio, bring it on.
Everyone is different, but that sounds like a harsh reaction, I've seen a lot of people get cramps or wipe out due to glycogen depletion but nothing quite like what you describe.
It sounds like a blood sugar problem more than anything if the chocolate has helped, have you ever been tested for diabetes?? Impaired fasting Glycameia springs to mind.

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It does sound as if it might be worth getting checked over by the GP and maybe getting him to send you for blood tests.
tbh this sounds more serious than you may think, get urself checked.

I did this when I was younger - exercised heavy without food - and the whole side of my body became paralyzed for about 30 seconds, my head was like it was gonna explode.
i sometimes get dizzy when standing up too quick........its normal

......or it may be some life threatening disease!

it is the misc after alll
10 mins bike ride is hardly strenuous exercise is it?

I suggest you contact your doctor and take some action as you are either extremely unfit or some illness is making you very feeble
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