Anyone Any deals on a built in wireless desktop pc

    Just tried to set up my mums 12 year "Tiny" pc with no ethernet port and no usb2.0 for the wireless dongle.
    Basically i need to upgrade Desktop
    If i get a basic dell system for £300 and insret the dongle will that do or do i need to get a wireless desktop please?



    Just plug the dongle in

    Just get an internal pc card, although a wireless dongle should work on usb 1.1 iirc.


    yes, can use the dongle to make it wireless, but i prefer the cards that go inside, seem to work more reliably

    if you dont yet have the dongle, spend the same money on a card instead, easy to fit anyway, and dont stick out

    with dell you can probably add a wireless card in the configuration options if you really dont wish to fit one

    that machine that is 12 years old, it will be something like win98 which didnt like usb stuff anyway, certainly time for a new pc!

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    Yup, Dell have a really good PC for £239 atm, then stick a £10 dongle in.

    u got a link for this mate

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    Just plug the dongle in

    tried that no joy:oops:

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    Here:'t forget Topcasback/Quidco (dell small business).

    how do i use the above link 4 quidco rep to be added

    It looks like you're heading down the "new PC" root but if not...

    If a wired connection is acceptable and you have a spare PCI slot in the PC you could install ]this ethernet card.
    Not as expensive as a new PC but not as exciting either.
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