Anyone any experience of surgery for a pet with a Luxating Patella?

Found 30th Jul
We need to find a specialist in the midlands.
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Where abouts in the midlands? Our dog had it and had surgery done at the local practice where my partner works. All perfectly fine just needed a few weeks of no stairs/walks
ccnp1 h, 45 m ago


Brill, dogs that live in 'Kennel' worth. How about cats in Catterick?
ccnp30th Jul


Hi sorry it won't let me reply to your message for some reason! Anyway the vet is called Hawthorne lodge based in Banbury. Website is the clinical director is an orthopedic surgeon and does lots of the and has a satalite referral specialist who does them also.
Spooky. We used to live right opposite that vet! Thanks. I particularly like the inoculations sheet that confirms my readings that after the year 1 booster, many of the jabs are needed every 3 years, not annually as many vets seem happy to push.
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