Anyone any luck with Amazon??

Mornin all,
Well after the initial shock of HUKD I logged on to amazon to check vote results, had voted Tomtom,although already have one, woulda made a nice pressie for my mom, no luck.
Anyone have any better luck??
(Sorry if this ends up in wrong place, was just gettin hang of HUKD and now its all been changed!!)


I too voted for tomtom and didn't win. The best option is to go for the least popular, therefore having more chance but the other things sucked anyway!

Gutted, I didn't win!

And yes, I was also very surprised with the change in HUKD - haven't been on long enough to decide if I like or not!!!!!!

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Damn... didnt think of that!!!

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same as everything I guess, shock at first but will adjust!!! I Think!!!??

Shock of shocks, logged on today... and I have been offered a TomTom at £37! .. ordered and well chuffed!

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Aw well done.. so nice to get good luck this time of year!

I've been offere it too. can't believe it, 30 yrs of entering competitions and have finally won something. not for free, but can't complain

:xNo Tom Tom For Me

I won!!!!!! !! I voted with my account, my boyfriends and my dad's and won just once.

Voted for the DVD and didn't win - that's it now, teddy bear is in the corner & christmas is cancelled.

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awwwwwwwwwww poor ted!!!!!!!!

Voted for the HDDVD player and didn't win.
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