Anyone asked customs to sign off electronic items and their serial numbers?

    I'm travelling to the US tomorrow and concerned about any potential issues I may hit coming back into the country as I'm taking a few pieces of electronics with me, some of which are worth quite a bit of money. As there's a real mix of old and new I don't have the receipts for some items so rather than take a couple of receipts and some forum printouts (where some of the equipment was bought) someone suggested putting together a list of the equipment with serial numbers and asking customs to stamp it when leaving the UK so that if there was any question about the items that would be easy proof.

    I'm wondering if anyone has actually done this and how easy customs were about doing this? It's a minimal set of equipment as I've decided to travel light but I'm paranoid there's still enough to trigger suspicious, specifically I'm taking one semi pro-spec SLR , two HG lenses, one HG TC, one SHG lens, one ultralight laptop (older one, UK keyboard), PSP and mobile phone.



    can't hurt.

    perhaps you could call customs and ask their advice?

    but really what it boils down to is you;re going abroad and watch to take your camera, a laptop and your phone. it really shouldn't be a problem.

    I've travelled in and out of the country loads of times with electronics, cameras (D300 etc.), very good laptops etc. and never even got stopped. Yes, you are too worried!

    Quite obviously a photographer just traveling with equipment.
    the only imne you would MAYBE get stopped by customs is if the items in question are being transported in their retail boxes. Its like if you buy clothes in the states, cut the tags off and you wont get a potential customs hit when you get back to the UK.

    You will be fine.
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