I have been trying all evening - since 7.30pm - to order some rewards tokens. Eventually managed to enter all my voucher codes but checkout wouldn't complete.
    After I had tried to check out a couple of times the voucher codes I had entered to 'pay' for the deals disappeared!! I can't re-enter them as it keeps saying these codes have been used!! I can't find them anywhere.
    Tomorrow is the last day for 4 x voucher value on deals, and I don't think phonelines are open tomorrow.
    Anyone had any experience of something like this happening? Will Clubcard Rewards people be able to see that the vouchers haven't actually been used to pay for anything?


    Someone I know has been trying to exchange for some tickets for the London Eye tonight and apparently it keeps freezing when she enters the codes.. Apparently they've extended it till the 8th now though?

    All the people wanting to make the most of the 4x rewards are probably crashing the site, my only suggestion is persevere before the 4x to 3x change, it'll be worth it.

    Took me AGES this evening...the problem was when I put the codes in. If you have more than one code put one in first then, if the site crashes, put a different one in each time you get back on site. Seemed to work for me. Good luck

    Check your emails in case you've done it!

    its taken me over 2 hours to order but gone thro now, had to put 9 voucher codes in and crashed 20-30 times but it did retain the ones i had already entered when i loged back in. i also took the precaution of filling in the contact us form saying what i was ordering so if i had to could ring them on monday (lines closed till them) to get them to honor x4 rate

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    Took me AGES this evening...the problem was when I put the codes in. If … Took me AGES this evening...the problem was when I put the codes in. If you have more than one code put one in first then, if the site crashes, put a different one in each time you get back on site. Seemed to work for me. Good luck

    Thanks. That's exactly what I did, but all the codes I entered have now disappeared. They aren't anywhere waiting to be used, they've just gone!! Don't know whether to do it all again with vouchers I have left and hope that Clubcard will give me back the ones that have disappeared!!

    Checked your emails?

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    Checked your emails?

    Yep, done that. And checked My Account to see if they are there. But nothing.

    Send them an email now then and call them. I'm sure you'll get them

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    Doing it now. Thanks.

    I have also been trying for days! I never get as far as the checkout though. I click buy and it just says 'unexpected error'. Naughty, naughty Tesco! Will send an email to confirm my intentions.

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    Update : Phonelines are open today. I've just spent half an hour on hold and the moment I started typing this someone answered.
    I was told the vouchers are being processed even though I haven't received any notifications yet. If I don't receive my email confirmation by tomorrow then I have to call them and they can tell that I tried to redeem the vouchers before the 6th, so they will honour them at 4 x value.



    Tesco Mobile and Tesco Direct were also being slow last night for me. There must be either a problem with their servers, or just high traffic load.

    i cant get from the item page to the account page now to even input my voucher numbers. Its a nightmare. Tesco should have been aware that this could happen and sorted out their website. Ive tried loads of times now and cant input. I only knew about the x4 changing to x3 yesterday ... wished i'd done it then! I'll email them to see if they honour my order as i did manage to print off the order before it crashed again. Good luck everyone!

    Shibi Din,

    I had the same problem just now. - I have now just made £50 worth of vouchers invalid, and not sure what has happened to my order. I think it is a capacity issue, we have all left it a little late, and are now trying to place our orders etc. before the deadline of tonight. - They should have known that this could happen. - I only hope that they can sort my order out tomorrow ... Not good.

    I tried to order £200 goldsmith vouchers using £50 rewards, on Saturday night, Site was soooo slow, eventually after click and review order I got error message. Tried again today and found out I could not enter my vouchers as they had been used already.

    I guess this happened to a lot of people last night and I hope they honour the deal.

    Tonight Sunday was actually a bit better I used £15 of rewards vouchers for £60 days out tokens OK. I'll be on the phone tomorrow about my goldsmith vouchers.

    I've been trying all night - some orders got through until checkout, then gave me an error. For most other orders, I couldn't even get to adding the tokens, I just get some white and yellow error page - blah!

    I too have been trying for last 2 hours but everytime the site crashes with "Runtime Error". Huh ! I hope I don't miss the boat of 4x rewards. Also hearing that it has been extended till 8th DeC> Not sure how true is that though. Any thoughts?

    I think they must be overwhelmed by the number of people (like me) who have been trying to exchange rewards vouchers before the 4x deal becomes 3x - at midnight. I would have thought they will have to honour the vouchers tomorrow though because their website has crashed. Of course you can't ring them as clubcard phones don't operate on Sundays!
    Good luck

    I used up all my vouchers on Friday 26th November, but still not got anything through the post, had e-mail notification though

    Been trying for some time tonight to exchange for Goldsmith vouchers but Tesco site keeps crashing. I have copied and pasted error message to word file and saved it. I hope tesco will honour at 4 x rate..if not, it will be bad publicity for them. I've also sent them a contact mail, which is obviously timed.
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