anyone been in INDIA? i need advise on; hotels, transport, prices, wi-fi, places...

    hi im going to india for 3 weeks in january. people who have been there, could you provide advise for the followings:

    ive checked trip and apparently its possible to get an average(4 star tripadvisor rating) room for about 30quid. do you think i will have difficulty to find places at those hotels in january? i dont want to book in advance...

    its easy and safe to get from city to city if i got a 2nd class train right?

    do all hotels provide wi-fi? i would need to check my following destinations with my laptop thats why. also, whats the internet speed? dial up or adsl?

    -places to visit:
    landing and departing from delhi. i wanna go to agra, rajastan, goa and somewhere in the south. where else do you recommend?

    anything else?


    maybe if you asked for advice you'd get a better response

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    hehe ok advice please

    My advice is Book hotels before you land in India..

    went to Mumbai about 2 years ago.. stayed in a 5* hotel booked the expedia
    drinks and snacks from mini bar nearly every day
    3 evening meals from the restaurant
    1 £10 bottle of wine with one of the meals
    drinks for 2 from the bar on 3 nights
    laundry service every day for a week
    and we only had to pay £78 on top of the hotel bill

    Taxis are about £5 for 6 hours - £7 in an air-conditioned one

    more poverty than you can ever imagine.
    more beggars than you could imagine but they are no problem.. just don't give them any money.. most are working for organised gangs so they don't get to keep the money.. take chewing gum and give them that.

    Very safe.. never felt any threat at any time. (except from the smell from the river)

    try this for the trains - train service is very good…htm

    Came away from Mumbai thinking that it would do every kid (and adult) in the country good to visit India just to show them how content everyone is although they have nothing.

    I don't know what their attitude to the english is now after last week but I would love to go back

    Sew a secret pocket in ur trousers / vest cos ur gonna get pick pocketed! They will try and inflate prices big time so haggle on everything.

    Hey!! good luck! i went to india my first time was about 4 years ago, n i loved it so much i went back 2 years after.. well wat can i say, if ur landin in mumbai, or bombay as i stil like to call it, theres ur odd few hiltons and sheratons there which is more of less the same reasonable price ud pay for a holiday inn ere.. book early, but i think if u got there and got a tour operator (you find LOADS of these around the trainstations doin all sorts of deals ul pick summat up very cheap) shoudl be reasonable too.

    its easy and safe to get from city to city but ur willin to travel 2nd class?? wat an earth for? ul hate it, it'l stink n smell n ul probably end up catchin rabies or summat. get first class with air conditioning. ul love it n it'l probably cost ya about a tenna to get from one city to another, (be prepared for long days or night journeys on the trains)

    yes most hotels do provide it and so do some good resturants.. ur average pizza huts n macdonalds.

    -places to visit:
    landing and departing from go to agra, jaipur and bombay, to go goa once u get to bombay coz its closer to there if ur goin by coach (about 9 hours in coach) which is air conditioned.. so make sure uv got a jacket or jumper on ul freeze ur ass off. lol, also go to banglore, and madras or keral which is towards the middle and south of india. lots to see and lots to eat. BUT make sure u drink bottled water which is SEALED..
    dont want u catchin anything now do we!
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