Anyone been in similar covid situation ?

Posted 24th Jan 2021
Hi guys, i became ill xmas day, tested positive 27th december, had all the symptoms, fever, cough, tired, loss of taste and smell.
wasn't well after 10 days so ended up being off work until 11th jan with ssp and no bank holidays paid, i now have them in lieu.
i returned to work for 9 days and unfortunately was taken to hospital by ambulance 2 days ago ( friday ) with kidney stones and kidney infection, stones passed to bladder after a few hours in hospital thankfully, was the worst experience ever by the way, absolutely agonising pain.
anyway they told me i needed a third lot of anti biotics by drip and my salt level was very low so needed a 6 hour phosphate drip, they told me i would have to stay over night as drips would end at 10.30pm, did a covid test and moved me to a ward.
at 10pm they came to tell me i had tested positive for covid and had to move to a covid ward, i told them i already had it 27th december and dont have any symptoms and why did i get put on normal ward before results came back.
the nurses just gave me a load of stupid answers, said i had caught it again and whispering so no one found out on the ward and actually put their face 30cm from mine to whisper about it whilst i had no mask on.
i told them i wanted to discharge myself as drip only had 20 minutes left at this point and i didn't want to go on covid ward as im caring for my nan daily, someone higher came to speak to me, don't know who it was but dressed like a dr, told me it could still show up in my system for 90 days from xmas and that they no longer believe i can spread covid but under guidelines i must isolate for 10 days and move to covid ward.
i discharged myself and next morning had a text saying im positive and a call from test and trace asking where ive been and to isolate etc..
i explained to them and they went to speak with a manager and called back.
They said although we are fairly confident you are not contagious under the guidelines you have to isolate.
now by time i go back to work i would of earned 9 days wages in 30 odd days and was refused the test and trace support discretionary grant due to having to much capital on my 30 day old statement, they don't seem to understand i lose money in the future at next pay date and i earned just over 50% of my usual pay a few days back and now im isolating again.
anyone been in a situation where they had to do a test weeks after ?
i cant get my head around it, schools are now doing weekly tests on all pupils so anyone who already had covid upto 90 days prior will be closing the class every 10 days, makes no sense to me, surely my test should be disregarded ?
dont know what im supposed to do for wages next month again
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