anyone been induced with propess pessary?

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Found 14th Jan 2010
its a newer form of induction and most google results of induction are about gels etc. was wondering whether anyone had been induced with propess. how long did it take for them. did labour kick off or did u have to have ur waters broken for u after 24 hours.



Is propess the tablets?

Just looked it up, I've never had it, seems like its something on a string so they can pull it out when your labour starts, sounds weird lol.

I guess it's a pessary than a gel? Don't really know anything about being induced,but surely with it being your 3rd,it should be quicker,but suppose we all different.


as with everything, some things will work for some and not for other and vice versa, and that can change with each pregnancy too, but good luck mb your time must be fast approaching

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thanks. should edit title with 'pessary'! doh.

heard its a relativley new thing but ggole isnt being very friendly and they say it tks 24 hours to kick in.... sounds LOOOOONG considering i gotta be in for 24 hours before for steroids to take effect!

thanks all for responding.... some glimmers of hope it shoudnt be too long ..although the plus of her being born after 24 hours would mean shews born on wedensday which makes her 37 weeks exactly (full term baby!)
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