Anyone been on a cruise?

    Time to plan the summer hols-this year it will be a cruise or australia-just cant decide-both will be pricey I know but we have narrowed it down to these choices for something different than our usual.

    So,with 4 kids in tow(17/15/13 and 3) what do you guys reckon? is a cruise totally boring for kids? how hot would australia be in july/august if we went there? too hot for a 3 year old? its their winter is it not?

    I really fancy the cruise,stopping off different cities but I dont want children squeaking about being bored if we fork out for this. Is all the onboard entertainment just cheesy cabaret? food good?


    Yeah, was a cool night in my pimped Skyline yo.


    My god barky have you won the lottery :thinking:

    July/August in Australia would be quite cool as it's their winter so should be ok for the little one.


    We went on a cruise for our honeymoon around Italy & Croatia and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were all-inclusive so no nasty bills for drinks etc at the end!

    Your kids will be bored rigid though


    Plus if you are doing the Carribean etc you will have the sceptic tanks to deal with on there 3000-passenger behemoths

    The Americans dont do "lines" or manners

    If you pick the right cruise line your kids will love it. My children loved it and we got to spend some time together as well as with the children. Have a look at [url][/url]. Not sure if the address is right, if not look on google.
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