Anyone been to Cuba?

    Hi all!

    Considering going to Cuba next March, can any of you offer some insight?
    Our kiddies are 3 and 5 years old so want lots for them to do, are they child friendly?

    What's to see and do? What kind of excursions are there?

    I have been doing some research but would greatly appreciate some opinions from 'real' people, as opposed to holiday website statements!


    not actually been there but lil hint for the most part they wont accept mastercard credit cards so be aware of that if u plan to use card over there make sure its visa hehe prolly useless info but best i had to offer lol

    Hi, I went to Cuba Last March (2007) My Son and his Partner were married there. We stayed in the IberoStar Varadero. (Magnificant) The hotel was very child friendly as we took our 18 month Grandson with us also.
    You can't get Cuban currency from outside Cuba nor can you take any out. And they don't except American based credit cards. I took travelers cheques in Pounds stirling.(Had to order these from my bank)
    There are lots of great tours to go on including a crocodile farm, "Bay of Pigs" Catarmaran trips You must try the lobster onboard the boat if you go on that. There are also some overnight trips (2 days) Lots of old American and English cars and motorbikes.
    There was quite a crowd of us went as a wedding party and I think we all had a brilliant time, March is probably about the best time to go also.

    Yes went to cuba cayo coco its a little island on its own very nice people they love the kids and your jeans your shirt what ever they can get from you when you leave lol.
    A bit backward when it comes to tourism but are getting better the sol hotel i stayed at was a little tired but down the road newer and bigger hotels were better some times they cannot get the food they need for european guests because of the american sanctions. I have been to the caribbean 3 times now and loved all of the trips go for it.

    Original Poster

    Wow this thread has popped up again!

    We have now changed our holiday to Jamaica, but we were going to Cayo Coco, too.

    Anyone been to Jamaica then? :-D

    Actually I've been to both! Preferred Cuba but I guess it's all down to personal choice...

    We also stayed at the Iberostar Varadero in 2006 just after it opened and had a fantastic holiday (well, apart from hurricane Dennis which wiped out 3 days !!)
    Lovely big pool area and well maintained grounds, rooms were clean and comfortable, staff were very polite and friendly, great beach with watersports.

    Being as we had 3 days wiped out from the hurricane, we didn't go on any trips, but we wish we had of gone into Havana to see the real Cuba.

    Would 100% recommend staying here.

    ps...because it was newly built when we stayed, when the hurricane was coming our way, we were moved to a sandals hotel 5 mins down the road for our safety, basically because it was a huge all in one hotel where as the Iberostar was new and are seperate blocks of apartments and not one big sturdy hotel. But, my point is the sandals we were moved to was an absolute disgrace.!! The rooms they put us in were dirty, smelly, hairs(of all sorts all over the sheets and bathroom), pool was filthy, grounds not maintained, the food wasn't even fit for rats etc etc the guests who were actually staying there were all ill and had weddings ruined because of how bad the place was. The only positive thing was that we survived hurricane dennis and were safe!
    So, definately keep away from here.

    been to cuba and jamaica.

    went to the cayos in cuba and there is nothing to takes 2 hours ish to get to the main land.

    been to ocho rios in jamaica twice. would highly recommend. went in march , excellent weather.loads for the kids. we went to sunset jamaica grand,its a 4* but is more like a 5*.

    I've been to Havana, Cuba twice & I'm going again shortly.

    It depends what you want from a holiday. Havana Central (Habana Vieja, the old city) is great because all of the entertainment, clubs, restaurants, museums , basic waterside, is in walking distance. You can arrange trips to the beach or do a two centre holiday i.e havana central & then a beach resort. I also hear Trinidad in Cuba is nice. I hear diving is good all over the island. Cuba in fact is the largest island in the caribbean.

    I went low season, November & March & it was at least 70F. Which was nice. I stayed at Parque Central , which is a 5 star hotel in the heart of the old city. with a rooftop pool overlooking havana (gorgeous). Havana, looks like Rome, Italy but needs a little TLC. The people are really friendly & beautiful everyone I met spoke english. The package holidays, work out almost the same as flight only i.e between £400-800 depending on the star accomodation & location. You can also easily travel around the country & stay at local bed & breakfast places or basic hotels quite cheaply, i.e starting at $15 per night.

    Its a great place to experience. It made me really appreciate the abundance we have in the UK, without realising it. Everyone has state wages (at the moment ) of about £10 per month, Dr, lawyer or chambermaid, which is an unusual concept, because its communist. This apparently will start to change under the new leader. However, the people are remarkably upbeat despite that. The way Salsa is danced in Cuba is fantastic. And they do still have the old american classic cars , all over the island, they look great.

    If your checking out Jamaica, the fun, must do's are horseback riding in the sea, climbing the Dunns River Waterfalls & fresh fish cooked straight from the sea, my favourite place to do this was Alligator Pond (an area where there are still alligators). Theres loads to see & do there. Ocho Rios is a great place to stay, as most things are in walking distance including watersports & Dunns River Falls.Most hotels can arrange trips to all the main attractions on the Island.

    Both Cuba & Jamaica are places you can go & switch off from your worries & just relax & feel the vibe.

    I felt safe in Cuba, despite being a single female, but for my next trip I'm bringing my mates to experience it.

    The currency is CUC, which is roughly the price of a US Dollar. You can get this money in banks there or at the airport. I used a visa debit card ok there in bank cashpoints, with your passport for ID, but I don't know if the position has changed for acceptance.

    Anyway, both places are fun.


    I've been to Havana, Cuba twice & I'm going again shortly.The currency is … I've been to Havana, Cuba twice & I'm going again shortly.The currency is CUC, which is roughly the price of a US Dollar. You can get this money in banks there or at the airport. I used a visa debit card ok there in bank cashpoints, with your passport for ID, but I don't know if the position has changed for acceptance.Anyway, both places are fun.E

    Oops quick correction. I couldn't use my debit card/electron /visa in the Cuban cashpoints, but it was accepted in the major hotels, to cash money , together with a passport as ID. Also you can go into some of the banks & get cash, if you have your passport as ID as well. You can also change UK & Euro money in banks. But they charge about 10% more to exchange US dollars so if your coming from the UK, you'll get more if you exchange UK currency, no need to change to US dollars 1st.

    whats cuba?
    is it a cigar?
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