Anyone been to Ibiza?


    Going Ibiza soon, has anyone been?
    Whats its like?
    More importantly whats the cost of getting into clubs, and price of drinks like?

    I was reading some website the other day and it said clubs entry is like £50 quid, and shots are £35ish!


    yes been 3 times, havent been in about 4 years though, tickets for clubs range from £15 to around £50 for top clubs...drinks are ridiculously priced in clubs, but bars are usually good price and easier way to start night as clubs open till about 8am well some are. barring the holiday ever, can find summit for everyone... tips are bar your tickets from reps as they ccan get you dsicount in bulk, and try not to anoye the bouncers...oh dear god that wasnt fun

    Ibiza has a bit of everything.

    The "big name" clubs are expensive to get into and the prices for drinks when inside them are ridiculous. if you want a cheap night out then you will find plenty of places to go in the west end of San Antonio.

    Ibiza is a lovely island. I went there a few years ago and stayed in Santa Eulalia on the east coast. We stayed away from San Antonio but visited some of the other big clubs dotted about the island such as Pacha which was brilliant and Space which had great outdoor areas. Entry was about €30 if I remember correctly and drinks were €15 each. Damned expensive even when the € / £ rate was 1.5! Bars and restaurants around the beaches are much better value.

    I went to Playa Den Bossa not that long ago with some mates and it was alright. There is a club called 'Space' which was sick. They do 22 hour raves and I think it was about £70 to get in but drinks were 'free' if I remember rightly. It is often regarded as the best club on the island. There is also another really good club in Playa Den Bossa but the name of it has escaped me. I think it might be called 'Bolo Bolo' or something like that, it's right next to the beach.

    Edit: As Welshdan said, the name of the club whose name I couldn't remember was 'Bora Bora'.

    yup...good times ;-) first went in 98 and again in 99..was brilliant first time was the best for me but had a great time second too.
    If you stay around san antonio west end area, you'll find ok'ish prices - you'll find that people will want to get you into there bars and try and offer you free shots, bottles, etc. however if that's not your taste, it's not mine and you want to do clubbing proper then head into ibiza town, it's great. few clubs/bars I'd recommend Bora Bora, Space, DC10, Pacha - I've got a big smile on my face thinking about the times and the music - hope you have a great time

    My friend is going for a week and is taking just over £1000 spending money!!! But she is looking to go to the expensive clubs

    Bottle of water was £7 in Pacha

    Original Poster

    lol Pacha lonon shot is £1.20 @ student night!

    Im going to take £300 with me, for 7 days I hope its enough, we might "session up" with drinks at our hotels before we hit the clubs!


    The JFK;5350062

    I went to Playa Den Bossa not that long ago with some mates and it was … I went to Playa Den Bossa not that long ago with some mates and it was alright.

    You claim you are 17

    You went there a long time ago?

    What when you are 5?

    Probably the wrong sort of club..................................

    Im goin in three weeks is it woth renting a car to get around or should i take taxi?? Please let me know

    go germany
    better music, and clubs like watergate in berlin
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