Anyone been to Japan?

    If so what did you think of it?, any tips or recommendations of places to see and go?


    I haven't been but I have heard its good :funny

    Fish Market in Tokyo, and Kyoto is a must. Which month are you going?

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    July through to the Beginning of August.

    Ive got Tokyo booked for 5 nights and im planning on spending 2 nights in Kyoto. Just looking for other places to go now that aren't as well known as places like Hiroshima,Osaka etc..

    Do not recommend July/August if you have a choice. The weather is way way too humid. Try early October if you can. If you are doing alot of travelling get a rail card that works out much cheaper.



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    Only time i have free really, ive booked 3 weeks from Mid July to August.

    How bad is the humidity? Is it extreme enough to make you not want to go outside?

    And i was planning on getting a 14 day JR pass and activating it after ive spent the first 6 nights around Tokyo, then i was planning to climb Mt Fuji on the seventh day. Then head toward Osaka and Kyoto.

    I lived there for 1 2years, so yes it is humid and yes enough so for you to want to spend most of the time sipping ice coffee in Starbucks. Mt Fuji will be fun, but 1 day might be cutting it a bit fine. I hope that you are fit athletically- I went up and 3 my party got altitude sickness- so be properly prepared. At least you will escape the heat there! I went back again last summer and it was as hot as I remembered. Head north and east to escape the heat eh Nikko and Sapporo.

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    Yeah im young and healthy so ive read that aslong as i take it slow with regular breaks i should be fine. I was planning on going round the lakes during the day and then climbing at night so that i get to the summit in time for sun rise.

    Im not too keen on hot weather, 25 Celsius is usually enough for me. Looks like ill have to bring a little fan with me or something.

    It was around 40 degrees when I was there last summer. It's the humidity not the heat that's the killer. I went with a few 20 year olds and they did not make it- altitude sickness affects everyone differently. I climbed it at night and it was spectacular! You will have fun!!! If you are going around the lakes I am assuming that you are driving?? Dunno if you are into this sort of thing, but there is a really good Roller Coaster Park in the area. If you like that sort of thing it is well fun. Tokyo Disney Land is good too, if you like that sort of thing.

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    No i was planning on either walking or taking buses to get around in Kawaguchiko?, i think is the name of the town where the lakes are and then heading up to Fuji at night so it saves me a nights hotel cost.

    My budget is pretty low so i think Tokyo Disneyland is out of the question but i could maybe fit in any other roller coasters they have if they are fairly cheap. Im hoping to live on £25 a day (excluding accommodation and main train fares).

    Speaking of Disney, ive been to Florida during the summer before and found the heat at times near unbearable there, would you say its comparable to Japan in the summer or is it worse? Assuming you've been to Florida.
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