Anyone been to Malaysia?

Found 7th Mar 2009
I am thinking of going next april because the malaysian grand prix is on and also my dad has been to kuala lumpur and loved it so he wants to go again, and i have been looking at flights to kuala lumpur and they are around £420 per person return! On cheap ariways such as air asia they advertise £170 but dont include taxes and surcharges which is a bit cheeky!

So basically, anyone been? and do they have any tips etc? Im spending a week there and also anyone got any tips for cheap flights preferably cheaper than £350! cheap as poss.


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Ive travelled all through Malaysia by train - from Singapore to the Thai Border, stopping off at Georgetown and KL.

Mind you, that was a few years back, much will have changed. Quite liked Penang, but can't say I enjoyed Kuala Lumpur that much. All I can remember of KL was the cricket pitch next to the train station (Old colonialism at its best!) and smelling Durian Fruit being opened in a market. (Stank like sewage)

Not much help I know!
Not been...but nice to see a fellow GP fan on HUKD...

For cheap flight i always use [url][/url] they're great

Vroooom.... have a great trip lucky git
just posting again so I reach 800
Cheers, guys
I've been. It's great for shoppers as there are lots of malls and markets like the infamous Chinatown with all the knockoff watches, handbags etc. You'll have a great time haggling there! My tips are get taxis with meters and get the driver to turn the meter on as its way cheaper than setting a price beforehand and dont buy the kinetic fake watches as they'll stop after a couple of days - stick with the battery powered ones. Have a great trip.
If you leave finding a flight until April this yr you might find a better price. Not man companies show available flight with the outward journey being more that 12 months in advance. Post again in April you may get a better deal. If you wanted to PM me then I might be able to help.
I have been doing flights based on this coming april, so it should be realistacly prices

I have been doing flights based on this coming april, so it should be … I have been doing flights based on this coming april, so it should be realistacly prices

With flights the earlier you book the cheaper the price. You may find that prices are lower for next yr:)
The website is nothing to shout about but I get really good deals for my summer flights back home (KL).

Qatar Airways £387.90
LON - KUL 02/04/09 - 12/04/09

Hopefully the prices will stay the same for next year. Air Asia has forced the other airlines to offer cheaper flights to KL 'cause it was £500+ last summer.
my grandma and grandad used to live in malaysia. my mum did too for a while. they all loved it there.
thanks everyone, rep left
stayed in malaysia for 3 weeks and loved everything about it, friendly people, warm climate. Id strongly advise to visit Langkawi, i never knew paradise existed until i arrived there! KL is also awesome and Petronas Towers has some excellent shopping facilites, there is also a chinese market in KL which sells EVERYTHING!
dude. few things. 1- if in kuala lumpur, get a room in mandarin oriental, facing petronas twin towers ( i did! ) the view was breathtaking. for the amount you pay here for ttavel inn, you can get the equivalent of dorchester in KL 2- u must go to langkawi, or pangkor. 3- for cheap deals, keep checking emerald. if recession gets worse, tickets will be cheaper the nearer to the travel date. otherwise, book early.4- perhentian or tioman islands on the east coast have some very breathtaking sceneries.
happy trip!!!
or go to sarawak/sabah in east malaysia to see orangutans.
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