anyone been to parc asterix in france??

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Found 5th Aug 2008
wondering if its worth a visit.. the websites all in french!


It sounds like a Galling/Gauling experience to me lol

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We went in August last year and our kids loved it. At the time they were 8, 6 and 1. Even the little one could go on a couple of the rides. We paid using Tesco deal vouchers so it didn't cost much at all. The only ride I wouldn't recommend would be the ghost train - it was dreadful. We waited an hour for it and it were very disappointed. Are you taking children?

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no kids just two 20r olds =0) Im having a really hard time finding any info on it in english on the web its good to hear someones actually heard of it! x

Its an immense theme park, a hell of a lot better than disney land. It has some really really good rollercoasters. I went when i was around 16 and i loved it. Although its not as english friendly as disney land as there were basically no english speaking people there to serve you, so bare that in mind.

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Not sure I would recommend it for people travelling without children as I didn't personally rate many of the rides, although it was a good place for the children and suited all ages. If I was thinking about doing an adult only theme park trip (which we do twice a year!) I would say go for Portaventura in Spain, or even Alton Towers. If you're in the area anyway though and it's just a day trip as somewhere different, as opposed to the main reason for your visit, it's a good day out. Agree with the previous poster re language barrier although you can get English maps of the park so at least you can find your way around! Take some drinks/snacks with you if you can as it's expensive inside and will be even more so now with the poor Euro rate. Have fun!
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