Anyone been to Pleasurewood Hills ?

    Just wondering if anyonehas been, was thinking of taking my 2 & 6 yr old while on holiday

    Thanks !


    sounds like some kinda kinky place....:? maybe a doggin place lol

    Yeah its a nice place to go, but I would say it is more aimed at those aged 12+ because of the majority of height restricted rides. Have a look on the site though, the last time I went there was about 2 years ago :thumbsup:


    sounds like some kinda kinky place....:? maybe a doggin place lol

    That's what I thought as well. :-D

    Original Poster

    thanks folks

    We went last year and got in by using out tesco clubcard deals - there were a variety of things to do. A magic show, and I think a parrot show. Some of the rides are for older people but there are family and child things. There are 2 trains that go round the site - a big one and a small one (where you sit in a line). There are cable cars, dodgems, normal rollercoaster and an upside down ride, pirate ship, kids train, boat ride and fairytale ride - can not remember what else - sorry!.
    We enjoyed it.

    Had my tickets to go last monday..........turned up to find a wheelbarrow holding up a hand written sing saying closed - not ammused:x neither were my 3 and 5 year old:cry:

    So best ring them just to make sure they are open:thumbsup:

    It's expensive for what it is I thought, but the kids love it there, Circus act was brill.

    I went about 3 weeks ago, but it was free!

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    The website dosent give much away does it, so it would be ok for a 2 + 6 yr old, we are going to use the Tesco tokens to pay for entry

    We usually go to Pettits if anyone knows that but im fed up with the place now

    The 2 year old wouldn't get on much,although they free on under 3's,most of the rides have 1 meter restriction,my daughter about 105cm and she's 6 so just scrape on.

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    ah right so not much for the little ones then looks like its Pettits this year then
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