Anyone been to see the new Avatar film?

    Is it any good?


    ohh i cant wait. Need to find nearest imax :-)

    Yes saw it last night. Its amazing and MUST see in 3D. It's a typical blockbuster by James Cameron and a new landmark in film making.

    But.................. don't drink too much as its a loooooooooooooonng film! but well worth it. My opinion 4 and 3/4 stars out of 5. Near perfection as a film can get.

    Saw it last night and it was pretty good. It's basically a 2.5 hour special effect but it looks so good, so realistic (if 12ft tall blue people can be realistic) that you don't think of it as CGI. The rendering is superb as the landscapes look so real you'll think that Pandora really exists - right down to individual blades of grass moving cconvincingly in the breeze. From a technical point-of-view nothing comes close Then again, nothing should with amount of money that was spent on it.

    From a story point of view, you've seen it all before. It's a combination of Dances With Wolves, The Matrix and the Iraq War, i.e "If there is something under the ground that you want, make an enemy of the people on top of it". Eco warriors would love the movie ... just don't let on how much carbon would have been burned processing the CGI for the movie. There are other minor niggles such as the soundtrack; the usually excellent James Horner as lifted the same four notes he used in "Enemy At The Gates" for dramatic effect in Avatar which just makes it annoying! They're mining for "Unobtanium", a precius substance only found on Pandora but if they had botherd to watch "The Core", they could have got Delroy Lindo to make Unobtanium for them on Earth.

    Am I a bit of a movie geek? Only a tad!

    This was my first 3D movie and to be honest, I don't get the fuss. It didn't look anything special to me my next viewing of the movie will be in 2D as I just don't see the difference. Then again, I can't see those images in jumbled up pictures so maybe it's just my eyeys / brain that don't work properly. I do know that my left eye was sore after 10 minutes though ...

    Overall? It's a great romp and I'd give 4.5 / 5 and I can't wait to go and see it again. It is worth seeing and it is a spectacle that will only be truly appreciated on the big screen.
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