Anyone been to the Maldives in monsoon season?

Found 15th Jan 2011
Has anyone been to the maldives in monsoon season. I am thinking of going to Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo at the start of July for 2 weeks, which is monsoon season, and i know that there will be heavy downpoors at times. However, I wanted to know if anyone had been at this time and can reflect on the extent of the weather?

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Monsoon is actually a very nice time I have stayed through 3 in India . You can expect a lot of rain, sometimes for days on end. However you could also reasonably expect days where you do see the sun too.

Not sure about Maldives but certainly in India the electricity supply can be irksome. If you are expecting AC that may be a problem.

You could take a look at Trip Advisor and get more local information.

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Hi There

I stayed in the Maldives in July 2005 for a week. It was a cheap last minute thing - £500 each all inclusive. So was not too concerned that it was monsoon season.

The whole week we were there we did not see a single drop of rain. Saying that though, we spoke to people who told us that it had not stopped raining the whole week before. I think it is just a risk you have to decide if you are willing to take.

We go to Asia all the time in monsoon season because it is cheaper, we dont find it stops us doing too much. We just went to Borneo in November and it rained every night but not in the day. I suppose it depends how lucky you are!
Humidity will be high.. so hot and sticky
weather changes very quickly,but you will no doubt get a good amount of sun,humidity will be high though so may be uncomfortable at times

so hot and sticky

I'm used to that

thanks for the help guys
This sounds like a blow away deal
ive been in monsoon season u can expect rain most days chopier seas, but its still very beautifull...enjoy
I went in the 1st week of July last year - it rained for three of the seven days I was there, mostly in the evenings - but it was really refreshing so didn't mind!
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