Anyone been to the Ricoh Arena? (Coventry)

    Going their for an away match in march just wondered if anyones been there and whats it like?


    I could tell you lots about it but you probably wouldn't believe a word I say!!! ;-)

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    Haha tell me anyway i will just not look at your avatar :thumbsup:

    I'll pretend I'm telling someone else.!!!!!!
    Easy Access from M6..literally 2 mins to ground. Parking in industrial area on left before stadium, failing that turn right at roundabout and park in coventry match car parks 5 mins away. Difficult to park on side streets close to ground as these are for permit holders only when match is on. Find Ricoh arena/ coventry carparks by following signs. Ours turned out to be a playing field where they give you a ticket and you pay at the Ricoh ticket office. Once at the stadium it is very pedestrian friendly. Easy in and out . Good facilities possibly best you will see as an away supporter. Good seats. All positives really. Thers even a quick exit to motorway after youve lost!!!

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    Cool cool, will try car park near stadium.

    Whats the views like?

    Stadium is circular, I prefer traditional 4 sided however the views are good. You are likely to get seated behind the goal which again I prefer. Its a modern stadium not very old (4 or 5 years) and has been well designed. It is not owned by Coventry City football club it is owned by the council and as such is often used for other events and gigs. Its just a shame Coventry cant fill it!!:whistling:

    The stadiums rubbish for atmosphere( it is coventry though:whistling:). But its pretty smart. Im hoping our new stadium isnt like it though.

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    Take it your a robin then mate


    Take it your a robin then mate

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