Anyone bought a car at a car auction?

    If so, where was the auction you got it from and how much discount did you get on the market price?

    Thanks in advance!


    Allow yourself at least 5 trips to an auction to get a good feel. So this is 5 X 1/2 days. It is important to get there well early to survey the stock. It is definitely cheaper depending on the popularity of car. The less popular it is the less likely that there will be many bidders. You should be able to buy at less than trade price as per parker's guide but make sure that you revise the bid price down by mileage used, conditions, features which are missing, possible repair bills.

    we bought ford galaxy at auction - paid £2.700 - got offered 4500 from garage !! repossesion - company went bankrupt -
    car auctios i would steer clear of - go to proper auction house - plenty on line and they show what they have following sale- dont forget commission and maybe vat on top of price - speak to auction guy about where it came from

    do your homework and you will bag a bargain
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