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Anyone bought a phone from BuyMobilephones.net?

Posted 29th Nov 2012
Thinking about ordering a Galaxy S3 from BuyMobilephones this week.

They get pretty bad reviews.

Can anyone tell me if they do that annoying thing that Dial-a-Phone do and ask you to fax bank statements to them?
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I just finished a contract thru them, had no problems. I got a free ps3 with them and it was all delivered on time. I wasn't asked to fax any bank statements. Hope this helps x
I bought my phone through them last year. I've had no problems with the contract or the cashback redemption. I'll be finishing up the term next year. No complaints here.
I guess they probably sell loads of phones per week and only people who have had a bad experience leave a review then
I used them as well, 8 months in and no problems at all.
I have got 3 phones from them with no problems whatsoever,they do ask for your bank details but you enter them on the website,no faxing is necessary.
BTW.. are the phones they send unlocked and unbranded?
I took delivery of my new contract from them on the 9th of November. Got myself an awesome HTC 8X. Very quick processing of my order, very quick delivery. Even the insurance company I had to ring yesterday to cancel where very nice and didn't try and sell me a 'dead'. I couldn't recommend them enough.

I don't know if the phone they sent me was unlocked, but it was just an HTC in a box, no branding of Orange over it or anything. Just came with an Orange sim card pack.

Hope this helps?
The bank statements are generally a network requirement if you've got a poor credit rating. So, if you've had them requested for, say, an o2 contract through Dial-a-Phone, you'd probably get the same request if you wanted an o2 contract via BuyMobilePhones.

Other providers (e.g. Orange, Vodafone) may apply different criteria so you might not get asked for bank statements if the contract was with them.
Ah right i see. Ive bought twice from dial a phone.. first time with O2 they didnt request anything but 2nd time with orange they asked for statements.

Thanks for the comments... gonna go ahead with the order now.

Getting Galaxy S3 free + 500 mins/ 5000 text / ULTD data for £27pm

Best deal around at the moment i think

Ah right i see. Ive bought twice from dial a phone.. first time with O2 … Ah right i see. Ive bought twice from dial a phone.. first time with O2 they didnt request anything but 2nd time with orange they asked for statements.Thanks for the comments... gonna go ahead with the order now.Getting Galaxy S3 free + 500 mins/ 5000 text / ULTD data for £27pmBest deal around at the moment i think

How many mins/text/data are you looking for?
500 and unlimited suits me perfectly

BTW.. are the phones they send unlocked and unbranded?

My HTC 7 Pro was unlocked.
Got my S3 from them, had to wait a bit due to shortage at release but apart from that fine. Came unlocked.
Ordered. Cheers for the info everybody
Order Processing from 6.15pm......... doubt I'll be getting my phone on 'next day delivery' now!

Order Processing from 6.15pm......... doubt I'll be getting my phone on … Order Processing from 6.15pm......... doubt I'll be getting my phone on 'next day delivery' now!

There's a good chance you will. It's quite possible that the stock is actually held by the courier so they may well release it tonight and it will be delivered tomorrow. You'll have to wait and see.
Hmmm.... I'm still at the 'order processing' stage from last night...

How long do this mob take to process their orders?

They have to do a credit check first. I ordered mine, then was processing over night and in the morning received a dispatch email. Shouldn't be much longer.
I sent them an email over a week ago and still no reply so won't be using them myself, if they can't answer pre-order questions in a week , then it does not bode well if you have a problem after purchase.
I got my S3 from them when they first came out for free on a £30 a month contract (O2 with unlimited texts, 600 mins and 500mb internet). At that time O2 themselves wanted £100 for the handset and £36 a month for the same deal. When I called O2 to ask why they said the S3 was the competitor for the Iphone so had to keep the prices the same and since Apple control the price of the Iphone the S3 wouldn't get cheaper from them until the Iphone came down. I got it frm buymobilephones.net and they even transferred my number for me which ended my previous contract with O2 (was within upgrade limit)
Well well.... they answered my tweet on their help page-

Hi. We are currently awaiting a delivery of stock which is expected today. Please await an email from us. Thanks

Am gonna give them til Tuesday before i get peed off. So much for 'in stock' and 'next day delivery' on their website
Thanks for your order. Due to high demand there is currently a delay in order processing.
As soon as we progress your order we will send you an email and ship your phone for next-day delivery.
Kind regards
Customer Services

Starting to regret ordering from here now.....
Had a phone off them last year ,no problem,Ordered another last Saturday and have been given 3 promises of next day delivery on Mon,Wed and Thurs,rung today(Fri)and was told that the phone has been out of stock all week(nice to be lied to!) ,some coming in today and it depends where i am on waiting list-may get it tomorrow/may not.I will be cancelling my order if it doesn't turn up in the morn, if your thinking of buying from here.....DON'T!!!
What phone are you waiting on?

I dont believe that old 'stock is due in today' nonsense weve been told
Galaxy note 2,dont need it till xmas-so if they had been honest and give me a true date I would have waited,but I think its a poor company that tells their customers bare faced lies time after time.
Did your phone turn up then?
No,didn't turn up,cancelled yesterday-its worth paying an extra couple of quid a month and staying away from BuyMobilphones.net.Did you manage to get yours?
No but finally got a dispatch email today saying its coming tomorrow.
Noticed on their twitter help page they told a guy yesterday that the note 2 was out of stock
I wouldn't trust a company that sponsors Derby County
used them a couple of times, but never with any cashback
Dont do it - they evade paying line rental cashback claims and you cant reason with them.

Bunch of crooks

Mobiles.co.uk are much better
Disgrace!!!! If you have a self respect please avoide them!!!

Being an O2 customer, I ordered a 2nd mobile contract with BuyMobilePhones.net

I made the purchase on 23/07/2013 at 20:10 because the website mentioned orders placed before 21:00 will be dispatched for next day delivery.

after placing the order i even had a feeling that i by mistakenly ordered on fake website because the delivery didn't turn up on the next day.

These are the mails i received from them;
Thank you for ordering from BuyMobilePhones.net.
Your order will be processed as soon as possible and you will be notified by email as soon as it is dispatched.
Hi ,
Thanks for your order. There is currently a processing delay, however we will progress your order as soon as possible and send your handset out for next day delivery.
Kind regards
Customer Services
Dear .....

Your application for a mobile phone has been temporarily placed on hold because our security systems have been unable to verify several of the details you provided when you ordered.

To proceed with your order, we wish to see two proofs of identification, one of which should be a proof of address and the other a proof of date of birth. Please see acceptable proofs below;

Acceptable proofs of address

Bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 12 weeks. Must not show negative activity.

Valid driving licence (counterpart must be provided should the licence be a provisional)

Acceptable proofs of date of birth

Valid passport. Passport extensions can not be accepted

Valid driving licence (counterpart must be provided should the licence be a provisional). We can not accept a driving licence if it has already been used a proof of address.

If you have requested a work place delivery a proof of this address is also required, this must be on company headed paper with the delivery address clearly showing. The letter must be signed by your Line Manager/Supervisor/Manager to confirm a work place delivery can take place. Please be aware the package will only be delivered to the printed address on the letter head not a satellite office or secondary place of work.

This information needed is to be scanned and sent to the below email address, please ensure that your order number is in the subject line of the email to prevent further delays to your order.


Kind regards,
BuyMobilePhones.net Ltd.
After reading the last email i decided that i'm not going to proceed with them as they already have taken my bank details and other details for credit check along with my AMEX card details to check authenticity. Also provided my existing O2 number which will make their job easy. I have made numbers of online purchase and no website has made an online shopping a bad experience or asked for any ID proofs just for a contract even after all these checks which was not mentioned before the purchase.

At last i phoned the BuyMobilePhones.net on 24/07/2013 to ask them the reason for these proof documents but the customer service agent was very RUDE & RESPRECLESS person with out any customer service skils.
he didnt even bother to talk much he said it mandatory to send. SO i asked him to cancel the contract and decided to buy the mobile straight from a network provider who would value their customers and RESPECT them for the money we pay!

BuyMobilePhones.net are RUDE+CHEATER+TIME WATERS!!!!!

If you have a self respect please avoid them!!!
Hello 2412 and welcome to HUKD.

Can I just ask though, what's 'RESPRECLESS'?
Hi Deeky..sorry its "RESPECTLESS"

Hi Deeky..sorry its "RESPECTLESS"

Ah, thanks
I would strongly advise not to buy your phone from them. I paid for a contract phone with an initial down payment of over £130, to help lower my monthly payments. Then as soon as they received this money they requested proof of ID to be sent. They didn't acknowledge this, 2 weeks later no phone, they asked me to send the proof again, then kept refusing it again. I sent clear readable info countless times, but no phone delivered. Often emails I sent them were missed/unanswered. I was fobbed off on the helpline number, saying they couldn't help as the proof section would email me. After 5 weeks, enough was enough I asked for my money back. I'd been patient enough. I was promised my money in 3-5 days, one month later stuck no money back in my account.....and so it goes on.
I've used them 4 times in past 10 years. Great service and tariffs EVERY time . I would highly recommend. Not asked for bank statements. Prob. Linked to lack do credit history. We all have to start somewhere.
I ordered sony experia z1 but I could not received they say next day delivery but not done

At First attempt to buy a phone with contract cost me 9.99 plus 2.50,they asked me to confirm my address,I don't, know why,if they can take money from your card it means the card is linked to your address,wright? After I phoned them,they put me on hold like 25 min.and they wanted to charge me again with 2.50 to verify my details,I canceled the order,but the strange thing is that this transactions is not appear on my bank statement and the money not came back to my card,and this was 2 weeks ago.Yesterday I placed a new order with another card linked to my address,again they took the 2.50 and still not came back, is stated in the application that they charge you with this amount to verify your address,and the amount should placed back instantly,got an email again asking me to call them to prove my address. At the concact links I wrote them to ask them what proof they need,they not answered back,I tried online chat,the guy told me I have to call them to spend more money on them,because they don't have enough.So I,m gona wait until next week to see whats happening then I will contact the financial ombudsman to make a complain against them.Terrible mistake to deal with them!!
Is Respectless even a real word?
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