Anyone bought a sofa from IKEA, and if so, did it last ok??

    thinking of buying a new sofa, my last one didn't last as long as expected and wondered how good IKEA ones were. thanks


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    like this one

    They last for ages , although they do get a bit messy after a while. Consider buying a Kipplan or Kilippan, or what ever they are called ( the ones with the vertical sides) as ikea sell covers, often of offer to hide any visible beer,wine,vomit,etc, stains easily. also customer service flalwess. Basically if you can be bothered to drag it back to them they will replace it.

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    I love ikea stuff but will never buy another toilet seat from them for as … I love ikea stuff but will never buy another toilet seat from them for as long as i live :x

    you have to explain!!:thinking:

    i got a cheap and nasty one with ultra-thick brown cord type cover - it's as tough as old boots.

    only got it as somewhere extremely cheap that the dog could sleep on and it survives his leaping all over it with no fuss at all

    very much recommended for about £150 or so

    Great buy and they last for ages and great price . Also can recover when you redecorate :thumbsup: .
    Had ours about 4 years and we have 3 kids and 2 cats .

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    I bought one last week and fitted it on Saturday (my youngest always … I bought one last week and fitted it on Saturday (my youngest always stands on the toilet seat to brush his teeth - can't reach the sink to swill!) the fittings on the Ikea toilet seat are pathetic, they snap into place rather than bolt directly through the pan and when he went to jump off the seat it came away from the pan and he fell flat on his face on the floor :x poor thing cried for over an hour, he really hurt himself (bleeding nose) and i was worried that he may have broken it.Needless to say I have bought another seat which bolts through the pan and doesn't pop into place. (and my son is OK)

    OMG, glad he's ok, thanks for the tip:thumbsup: poor little guy, maybe you should get him a little step, my wee girl uses hers for everything:)

    i was very tempted to buy my sofa from there but when i asked the sales girl a question about it's durability (it was a sofa bed with wooden slats) She replied that some people do bring the sluts back as they're not that strong. I couldn't keep a straight face.

    yea i got that same sofa bed for like £99 i think, broke on the car ride home not very good

    we got a cream coloured Ektorp corner sofa (…460) from Ebay about 6 years ago, the previous owner was moving house and it didnt fit, they had it for a year. All the covers come off and are washable and it has done us good, I have probably washed it about 10 times. We have an eight year old son and a two year old daughter and it is still in extremely good condition considering the colour we picked!! We are really pleased with how well it has lasted and reckon it still has another 4/5 years life. You can also buy replacement covers which would give you an extended life to the sofa if the original ones got damaged/worn etc.
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