Anyone bought anything from Big Offers?


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    It's boffer.

    So they deliver?:)

    4.99 for delivery. But put of ordering from new sites.

    they deliver but beware if you have a problem their CS both sux & blows
    they used to post here and offer assistance but just ignore complaints now

    indeed, bigoffers is a site belonging to boffer, have used both with no problems, customer services very fair too


    Boffers doesn't, they've always helped me fine, and it's the same company.

    yep it was boffers i had all the problems with. loads of other people had the same issues as well.

    I read this thread before ordering on the 16th December myself seeing as Boffer are also part of the company that own Big Pockets, SVP etc so I know who they are. Also with the 'Guaranteed Christmas Delivery' on there front page I thought it would be good for some stocking fillers, and it was showing that until at least the 20th.
    Its now the 22nd of December and my order is still showing as 'Sent To Warehouse, Awaiting Dispatch', and after looking at there forums im not the only one wondering what is happening with orders that have not been sent yet. I know its not Christmas yet, but if its not sent today at the latest I cant see it being delivered?
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