Anyone bought anything from Comet Clearence?

    As above- what experience/service have you had?


    i bought a tumble dryer a while back it was rubbish leaked everywhere through the carpet and the floorboard s spent 2 weeks phoning them before they argreed to pick it up and refund me they said to put a claim in for carpet and they would get back to me they never did spent ages chasing up and finally gave up and bought a new carpet myself after having to hire a fan thing to dry the floorboards
    personally i would avoid like the plaque customer service is shocking

    i haven't brought anything myself but my brother-in-law brought a washing machine...
    it was quite cheaper than the actual price...:-D however it had minor dents at the side..:shock:
    although overall fully functional...:)

    would recommend that you buy something that is boxed, unused rather than unboxed, unused :thumbsup:

    I bought a black American f/f with water/ice dispenser. Listing said it was scratched to the side, and had no water fitting kit. Delivery was prompt, though the men moaned about hating delivering these things - they were being paid a premium for it... There was NO scratch on it anywhere, but instead there were slight dent type bumps to the top front. And there WAS a brand new water fitting kit inside! I never rang to complain about the dents, as they didn't bother me and I would still have bought it - it was a damn good bargain. I do wonder if I might have got more money back off them though, if I had rang and said it was significantly more damaged than listed. It came with a load of paperwork about detailing the damage though, so I guess lots of people do that. Mine was not a shop-used one. Cling wrapped really well though, and we were still throwing bubble wrap out after two weeks. No box seems to be the only reason it could have been listed. I think the dents at the top may have been caused by the delivery people's thumbs - that's where they would have lifted it, and they were, well, thumb sized!!

    i got a fridge of them stopped working after 3 months but they gave money back but i was not aware they only guarantee for 6 months

    I had a freeview box with a cassette player which packed up after about 6 months so went in the bin. This was a refurbished item though.
    I've also had 2 dryers (1 with my brother), still working fine but with some dents on the top. And a month ago I got a freezer from them with slight dent on the front, so far thats working fine. These were all new, unused.

    I bought a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer the fridge stopped working after 3 days Hotpoint came out and said knackered you will get a new one within 3 working days . Cannot grumble i only paid £96 inc delivery and ended up with a brand new £400 one although i am not sure i would use Comet auctions again might not be as lucky next time.


    I bought a washing machine from them, no marks on it at all although listed as with minor dents/scratches. That was two years ago and its still going fine. Also bought freezer and that has been fine too, again no marks at all.
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