Anyone bought car on real auction? (Not ebay)

Just wondering if there is any private individual who have ever bought a car on auction such as Manheim auction or similar.
What kind of experience did you have? Was it possible to have a look/sit inside of car and check under the bonet?
I noticed auction place not far from me just don't know what to think of it.
Any advice appreciated,Thanx


You can usually hear it running, and have a good look around. You won't, however, be able to test-drive it. If you know what you're looking for they're a good place to buy.


Bought several at auctions.

Tend to go for 3 years old or newer... and usually target ex motability cars.

Yes, you can open the bonnet and get inside - but not usually until its about to go into the ring.

Remember to listen carefully to the details about the car and the T&Cs of the auction site. (The BMA ones you have one hour after the auction finishes - any major problems not listed will mean you can return the car. Try doing that with a private sale!)

we bought ours at auction house - not specifically car auctions (mostly dealers selling)

look for repos from bankrupt companies - sad i know

talk to porters at auction -

company cars are regularly serviced so you will bag a bargain

I have purchased quite a few cars from " real " auctions, you really need someone in the trade with you to advise, otherwise you could end up making a very expensive mistake.

Remember, auctions are where the trade send their rubbish cars to to get rid.

There are genuine cars at auctions, you just need to be able to spot them from the rest of the junk.

try to avoid the old cars being sold privately. there pretty much bangers and are there because they cannot be sold.

I've bought loads from

If you stick to the ex lease stuff they're normally ok. Be aware there will be an indemnity fee on top of your bid.
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