Anyone bought Dead Nation on PSN? Thoughts?

    Any good.......recommended?

    Opinions sought.


    i bought it and enjoy it, glad they decided to add online coop, however it does have its little setbacks, and no chat online (But they are working on a patch and tbh you dont really need to talk to your partenr while playing), also if you are on level 4 you cant join your mate who has just started as you both have to be on the same level so you have to restart and lose progress, but with them saying they will continue supporting it then it will only get better. the counter for total zombies killed in each country/nation is also a nice touch i would say. just adds to the game.

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    Thanks, think i'll have to get it while it's £7.99 on PS Plus then.

    £7.99 for 2 weeks so take your time to check out some videos see if you like it, or pop round a mates house and have a go.

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