Anyone bought from before?

    Noticed this online retailer had a few cheap games for sale. There are no deals posted for them on HUKD so I assume that they're not permitted for some reason..

    Has anyone used them before?



    Looks like yet another dodgy Hong Kong based site.

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    Looks like yet another dodgy Hong Kong based site.

    Thanks will avoid I think. Checked google afterwards and there seems to be loads of comments about uncertainty of how theyget their game keys.

    they're just a key reseller like any of the others out there
    they aren't officially authorised (none of these key resellers are), but I've used them for a while, you won't get ripped off or anything like that, if that's what you're worried about.
    in that sense they're absolutely fine & dandy

    Bought 3 games so far through PayPal have not had a problem, instant response
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