Anyone bought the Andria Sofa from Argos?

Hi I have ordered the Andria suite from argos but am now thinking maybe its not great and I should cancel. Has anyone bought one or know of anyone who has? If so what do you think of it? Any help/comments would be gratefully accepted.

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I have this sofa we got the two seater options on bog off. Ive had no problems with it it with stands my sisters kids climbing on it now my one year old has taken to climbing up it. The cushions on the bottom are fixed which is good as it means they dont slid away from under your bum. The back cushions can be moved. You cant really loose anything down the sides and they clean up well with Leather wipes from wilkos (did a lot of cleaning my daughter growing up ie sick milk food) but looks still new. They are very light to move too if you need too. Will point out the legs arent wooden but are a plastic look wood but doesnt look tacky. We've had ours for a year now and they are comfy and havent really sagged. There are no rips or tears in the sems unlike my parents sofas who arms kept ripping and replaced every month or so and they paid ALOT for theirs but was material and not leather.
I'd recommend them yeah they dont have the reclining bit but you get what you pay for. a comfy durable chair My sister bought a similer sofa same kind of deal a few years before I got mine slightly different style and from Argos and she also has had no problems and she has three kids!
Anymore info pm me! Hope you paid using a argos card as you get about 6 months 0% interest
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