Anyone bought this recently for their baby ???

    Has anyone bought this recently:

    It's the Precious Planet Mobile from Argos, we have now exchanged twice now and still get a crackling form the speaker. The crackling is like the speaker is bust and you can hear it when the music etc is playing. It just doesn't sound right and thought maybe some of you had bought one lately and had the same problem?


    Try exchanging it at another argos store, could be a problem with the whole batch at that store

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    Yeh Kelly that's what were away to do, have a drive to Montrose for one

    i had a simlar problem with baby swings at toys r us, i had to change it 3 times as it kept stopping, then after the 4th one went i just got my money back as i was fed up with keep changing them - and LO had grown out of it by then lol

    ask for your money back then?
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