Anyone buy choc cup cakes in tesco with a haven voucher inside?

    Hi someone had kindly informed me that tesco are selling choc cup cakes by the name of fab baking brothers (or something similar) they are buy one get one free... but have a haven holiday voucher inside for up to 50% off... wondering if anyone has this voucher and wont be using it. I was in tesco today but didnt know about it, my local tesco isnt so local so dont know if i can make it though tomorrow so just thought id ask in the off chance.

    Carol x


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    ive looked on the website and they seem to do a points thing so im thinking this is maybe what u need to do...collect points to get the discounts?

    Is there not already a thread about this somewhere?

    The online code is Z_FAB2 .It does knock it down a little bit.I saved about £20.

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    im not posting to tell ppl about the offer, im posting to see if anyone has the voucher and not using it to give me the code or to tell me what its all about before i make a journey out to tesco for 12 cup cakes that i dont actually want

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    bingophil thank you - im going to try it now

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    omg someone is playing tricks on me, the holiday has jumped up in price in the last hour !!!!

    thers no voucher inside , you just enter a code Z_FAB2 . and its savings upto 50 % its not a good deal really as you acn tell , as the code is on the outside of the box ,, no purchase nesacary as you can just write the code down,,,
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