anyone can help me with basic home electrics... please

    afternoon, anyone understand home electrics..... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    having trouble with one of our GET ceiling receivers....

    the diagram shows to could be connected up as follows...…jpg

    The electrician said the receiver will have to go back the light it feeds is constantly on..., hes left it as follows i was looking at the diagram and thought perhaps as he was in a rush hes done it wrong..... more for my peace of mind i just want to check ...

    the wires in the receiver are the wires from the ceiling, looking at the diagram are the wires for the load suppose to go to the light or are they to come from the wires in the ceiling. If i changed these wires on the receiver could the receiver go pop?
    perhaps the liv wires fromt he celing need to go into the little lightning symol on the receiver?…436…jpg



    Just speaking to my husband (he's an electrician) who says the cable that comes from the ceiling is the supply cable and is terminated correctly. Do not put those wires into the load side as you will make it go pop if it's a different voltage on the load side.

    The wording of your question is a bit confusing, are you saying the receiver's not working as the light isn't switching off? Anyway, that's ^ my husband's advice based on his understanding of your question so lmk if we've misread the problem or you want any more clarification.

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    Thanks for the replies, for some reason the response were going to my spam box.... ok well left alone for today. electrician coming tomorrow.... it could well be the receiver not working by switching the lights off when the switch is turned off....
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