Anyone can recommend Good Driving Instructor in Edinburgh?

I am hoping to get a good driving instructor that would cost me the least money over the long run. Any personal unbiased recommendation? Should I go for reputable company such as AA?
Do people actually spend £2500 to £6000 to get a driving license? I was made redundant hence money is a bit tight, yet plenty of time left now to learn how to drive... Any advice?


AA and BSM are crazily expensive, phone up some instructors in your phonebook close to you and check out prices, block booking deals they may offer you, i found one near me which charged over £5 an hour less than the big companies. Youll also get a good idea of what theyre like to deal with as youre talking to them. I think theyre rather inflated prices to get a license, unless you are including the cost of a car too? if you say on average most people require around 30 hours to be at a testable standard at £20 an hour thats £600 and add on £100 for theory and practical (estimate) then its only £700 if you pass first time... I think AA and bsm charge around 23£ per hour.

the majority of people i know, including me, took around 20 lessons at £21 each.
then its £30 for the theory test and £50 for the practical.

so thats £500. obviously people will differ on how many lessons they need, but i think youd struggle to spend anywhere near £1000, let alone £6000!

you would have to take well over the average amount of lessons, and fail your theory and practical tests a hell of a lot of times to be spending over the £1500 mark.

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thanks for the tips.

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Can I ask another question? Can automatic cars be used during practical test? I heard that it is easy to drive automatic cars. Presumably once one passes that, one can't drive manual cars but just automatic cars?

Yeah you can and youre right, you can then only drive automatic cars if you pass. But the gear changing isnt that difficult really, car might get a bit jerky when you change gear for the frst couple of lessons but you'll get the hang of it!

Well I just failed the dam hazard perception, but got 49/50 on the first bit of the theroy, the HP enoys me so much. BSM and AA are crap instructors and they aren't as highly qualified as some of the independant companies (people.)

Hi Mate

Just saw your post and thought of this I saw the other day hotukdeals.com/ite…on/ - 1 free driving lesson through the AA. Worth a try to keep the costs down

Hope this helps


I have just passed with ]learnerdriver.co.uk.

I'm in Manchester but they have driving instructors all over the UK.

You say your worriesd about money; I can't remember how much mine cost in total but Learner Driver do package deals such as Weekly Lessons, Residential Courses and Intensive Courses that allow you to potentially pass in just 1 week!

I took weekly lessons and I ]passed my driving test in 8 weeks. Give them a bell on 08000 740 886 or go to ]learnerdriver.co.uk as I think they have an online chat function to talk to them on.

Now i've passed I just have to buy a car!!
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