Anyone cancelled with virgin before?

    Looking to see if anyone has any experiance cancelling flights with virgin before, just tried to cancel over the phone but the chap was having none of it, it is a non-refundable restricted ticket , best he could do was refund taxes only

    i have some flights booked with virgin at the end of may flying from heathrow, booked last december

    today i have seen a similar flight for a similar price flying from birmingham

    flying from birmingham saves me 2 hours driving each way and gives a preferred afternoon flight opposed to flying at 9pm outbound

    i wanted it to be simple, cancel london, fly birmingham, what i cant get over is virgin are still selling tickets for the same flight at an inflated £290 (i paid £249)


    Say its a family emergency.. only way to actually get it back is to delay the plane :D, or sell the tickets somewhere?

    Must agree, fleabay is probably the best bet

    park your car on the runway that'l delay it...:giggle:


    park your car on the runway that'l delay it...:giggle:

    Not sure that quite works!:giggle: ]http//ww…218

    Original Poster

    thanks to all,

    trying family emergency, have sent an email

    will wait and see what happens now

    Did you get a reply?
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