Anyone care to recommend me a mouse?

    a mouse for my laptop that is.
    i got no more of the logitech mx310 i bought for £20 for 5 a long time ago, and mine has just died, i think the wire on the connector has snapped.
    anyways i know nothing about mice and could do with some help, i would like it today or tomorrow cos the laptop touch thing is awful. i have free next day delivery on my ebuyer account so that seems the logical place to buy from online.
    the logitech rx1000 has top reviews…181, thats the one im looking at, unless you have any better, all i need in a mouse is a scroll wheel, back and foward buttons and the right/left click ones too.



    I was in Sainsbury's the other day and they had laptop mouse at "half price" which made them £7.99.

    These were small mice, smaller than the normal desktop mouse

    This was in their "special" aisle where they have the current offers and halloween stuff etc.

    It was NOT by their electrical stuff, blank CDs etc.

    I'd recommend "Jerry" from Tom & Jerry...


    I'd recommend "Jerry" from Tom & Jerry...

    Nah, Mickey or my favourite Danger.


    logitech VX nano..........fantastic, all the mouse you will ever need…ou/

    Original Poster

    thanx for the replies guy, and for the alternatives


    Didn't the MX310 only come out in 2003? If you've gone through five of … Didn't the MX310 only come out in 2003? If you've gone through five of them in five years then you apparently don't get on well with logitech.

    no idea when it came out, but 2003 was when i bought them, havent gone through them all myself, the one thats gone is just the one i have used, the others were used on other computers/laptops. although i had to send two back and got two G3's as replacement. then another two but think warranty has passed now. but all in all i think it was a good purchase at £20.


    Nah, Mickey or my favourite Danger.

    "Danger" was my second choice... but Jerry got to hang around with Elephants, Seals, Kangeroos etc [that all pretended to be mice]

    I used to love my Intellimouse Explorer, since I used the forward and back buttons a lot during browsing and gaming. However when that broke I couldn't find an equivalent from MS (why is everything wireless these days?) and plumped for the Logitech MX400 instead. It's a great mouse; comfortable, accurate and has all the buttons I wanted, thoroughly recommended (unless you want a left-handed mouse).…AU/
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