anyone challenged the detail in a mobile redemption deal?

    Thoroughly annoyed that I was stiffed for a redemption payment cos I couldn't find the voucher at the necessary time.

    I'm a lawyer (in Scotland) and it seems to me that this aspect of these deals is challengeable in Court. Basically there's no loss to Carphonepoohouse so they shouldn't be allowed to withhold payment.

    I'd raise a small claim myself but I live in Scotland and the contract is governed by English Law.

    Any Barrister fancy taking it on on a pro bono basis? Could be the start of the end of these deals I suppose!


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    Have you considered taking this up with the Network Provider.
    I know Three Network and Orange are cutting down on these 'scams'.

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    just tried, that, I hgave now been on hold for 10m and I may even get the chance to log a complaint, but they won't help.
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