Anyone checked for other Littlewoods/Very etc Misprices , Bargains ?

    Anyone checked the websites for other misprices and bargains?

    I think there might be some somewhere?

    I'm going to take a wee look too


    How long have you worked for Littlewoods

    i just ordered the buffalo hdd see what happens

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    The buffalo hdd is a misprice i think and so is the dlink adsl router.

    I was wondering if anyone else has browsed around the site and seen any other cheap things?

    there was a laptop for £49 but now expired


    why bother? they rarely if ever honour the misprices



    why bother? they rarely if ever honour the misprices


    I'd rather have "self promotion" from ebuyer showing deals they will send, rather than deliberate misprices from this company posted and upsetting members when the "sorry" emails are sent out and they've harvested several thousand email addresses.

    Misprice threads these days are hilarious - full of people trolling with "I ordered 5" or "this is definitely not a misprice" or "I know my rights - they have to sell it to me...."

    They are a real battlefield, full of HUKD community spirit :-D

    Even BitterWallet had this posted as a bargain and they should know better.
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