Anyone come across any decent Tumble Dryer condenser deals atm?

Posted 7th Dec 2022
Need to get a Tumble Dryer, thinking of sticking with condenser rather than heat pump - less to go wrong, cheaper and dries clothes quicker. Seems to be a big price difference too.
Thinking a 9kg model and not sure what, if any, are must have features, have come across sensor drying.

Looking for best bang for your buck.
Budget around £300-£500 max - the lower the price the better.
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    Mine takes 1.5 to 2hrs to dry max. It never takes 3 or 4 hrs
    which one do you have?
    If it takes 2hrs max - than that might change things.
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    I think heat pump pay for itself as it use a lot less electricity?
    BTW, I suggest you wait until boxing day sales (edited)
    Yes they do use a lot less electricity, but they take a lot longer to dry and more things to go wrong and more expensive upfront.
    Boxing day sales - depends if missus can hold out that long and how much trips I can cope to the laundrette.
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    Are you sure you can't be swayed to a heat pump one.

    I save about 50% on electricity using a heat pump compared to my old one.
    And I'm using it just about daily this month so it will pay for itself in about 2-3 Yr.

    Also remember electricity per kwh will be going up again next year so even more savings there.
    I've seen a decent Hoover 10kg condenser for around £350, the decent heat pumps start around £500.
    The heat pumps take twice as long to dry - condenser can dry clothes in around 2hrs whereas heat pumps take 4hrs.
    More parts to go wrong with a heat pump - so longevity might be an issue - prob fail around 3-4yrs - so my thinking is might as well buy a cheap condenser - then when it fails - won't cost as much to replace.
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    A heat pump dryer has a condenser of course - it just also has a heat pump to recycle the heat. It may be a little slower but the running cost made it worth it even before energy price rises. Just watch out for non reverse models as they can roll things like duvet covers into a ball.
    what do you mean by non reverse models? do you mean the door?
    don't heat pumps take like 4 hrs+ to dry?
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