Anyone concerned with size of newly announced Xbox Series X. Size matters!?!

Posted 14th Dec 2019
Fear not....According to VentureBeat, it will fit in your entertainment center!

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It’s not the size that matters. It’s how it performs.
That’s what I tell myself anyway
Ripley had the right idea.
-Gaffer tapes Xbone to Ps4-
I'm gonna need to get the measuring tape out, to see if it fits
Gotta fit powerful hardware and good cooling in somehow! I’m sure the design won’t actually stop people buying it, even if they do sit around complaining a year prior to release.
I think it looks nice
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That’s not gonna fit in my tv stand(poo)
j3d114/12/2019 18:16

Ripley had the right idea. -Gaffer tapes Xbone to Ps4-

Nuke it from orbit?
I think it looks cool!
Won’t fit on my tv stand but I need to make it work
, 39377723-Wve0I.jpg
Have you seen these mockups of it, the Xbox one was big when it came out but the new one is huge!
measured mine and its half an inch to big(on its side) lol

will have to go behind my TV but may just wait a year for a slimmed down version as no doubt there will be one.

may just upgrade my vanilla xbox to an X in the meantime.
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