anyone currently have an sia door supervisor badge?

so ive seen some companies on gumtree offering these for £150m a company ive seen is pttc..
just want to know are they good?
if not can anyone recommend a certified place in london as i am interested in getting the badge/
finally what are the steps, i mean i know there are 4 units during the 4 days.. but do i have to sit some kind of test or is it based on observation?

thanks in advance



Can you fight?

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any serious answers??

Elton Chong

Can you fight?

lucky your fingers are still working

Theres written tests and a physical intervention test on the fourth day. The physical intervention is where you will be observed, and usually filmed for audit purposes, carrying out non pain compliant restraints that you have been taught earlier in the day.

£150m ????

You all have to stand at the door for 4 days and the last man standing gets a badge. Hope this helps.

ignore the nuggets
but Google the course and its all there
some can be done at local colleges

are you patient?
okay with getting lots of verbal?
experienced in conflict resolution?
able to restrain yourself and use reasonable force?

its an OK job to kill time if your not out at the weekend and you see some sights
good luck

Why do some people answer if they dont have anything constructive to say?
Heres a link to the SIA website sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pag…spx
I had a badge for over 12 years, I enjoy the varied work I get from it and the extra money I earn as well AND before anyone says anything its all taxable
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