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Hi there is anyone subscribed to which if so would you mind telling me how they rated this car seat…end

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Which? verdictA good multi-group seat with a decent overall test score71%
The Joie Transcend is a multi-group 1/2/3 high-backed booster seat that uses an impact shield cushion instead of a harness for Group 1 mode. It's fully adjustable to grow with your child and comes with plenty of padding, which should help keep them protected in a crash. Find out how this car seat performs in our full test review.
Good overall safety results
Some babies don't like impact shields, large seat
The Joie is a good multi-group seat with a decent overall test score. It adapts well as your child grows, but not all children like impact shields as they find them restrictive, so we'd recommend you check your child will sit in this seat before buying it.

What is it?
The Joie Transcend is a forward-facing multi-group high-back booster seat that's approved for use from 9kg to 36kg, that's around nine months to 12 years old, when your child won't need to use a car seat any more.
It can be installed into your car using Isofix connectors and the car's adult seat belt, or using the adult seat belt alone. In Group 1 mode the seat uses an impact shield instead of a harness to hold your child in place. In Group 2/3 mode it uses the car's adult seat belt to keep your child in place.
This seat is essentially the same as the Joie Duallo Group 2/3 seat, but with a Group 1 mode using the impact shield. If you don't need a Group 1 seat, you can save yourself around £50 by buying the Duallo instead.
How safe is it?
This seat achieves a good four-star overall rating for safety.
In Group 1 mode (for toddlers between 9kg and 18kg, or about one to four years old) the seat achieves an average three-star rating for frontal impact, but an excellent, five stars for side-impact protection. The results are slightly better when installing the car using Isofix, and this also helps keeping the car seat stable on the seat.
In Group 2/3 mode (older children from 15kg-36kg, or about four to 12 years old) it achieves a good four-star rating for both front- and side-impact protection, and the results are similar whether you install it using the Isofix connectors or just the adult seat belt.
Using the Isofix means you don't have to worry about remembering to secure the seat when it's not being used.
Is the seat easy to fit?
The Transcend is easy to install and there's a minimal risk of getting it wrong. The instructions and warning labels are straightforward, clear and easy to understand.
The impact cushion has four positions, so it grows with your little one, and in Group 2/3 mode, the belt guides position the adult seat belt in the right place across the child's chest and lap.
Is the seat comfortable?
Yes, there's good amount of padding and support for little legs and there's a lot of room for your child to grow, especially as the seat can be adjusted to fit your child as they grow bigger, but the seat position is quite upright for younger passengers.
Is there anything else I should know?
The seat's quite large, so the view from the seat will be limited but that's probably a small trade off for good side-impact protection.
Is there anything else I should watch out for?
These results are from our 2016 tests. Following the introduction of R129 car seat regulations in 2015, which run alongside R44.04, we revised our testing procedures and assessments. Such a significant change means that we can't make absolute comparisons between seats tested before and after this change.
Please remember that car seats don't always fit in all cars, so it's vital you check how well this seat fits in all the vehicles you'll be using before you buy. Either check the car seat manufacturer fitting list, or contact your car manufacturer for specific information.
Should I buy it?
With a total test score of 71%, the Transcend has no major weaknesses, but it falls short of our Best Buy threshold. Some younger children don't like impact shield seats as they find them restrictive. We'd recommended you take your car and your child to have this seat fitted before you buy.

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Many thanks for the info and quick response:)
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