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Anyone discovered a pair of indestructable school shoes for their little boy?!?!?!

Posted 31st Mar 2011
My 6yo son goes through school shoes like crazy, his last pair cost £16 from Next and he's looking homeless in them just over a week later!

He's wrecked Clarks ones, M&S ones, Next ones, George ones, Sainsburys ones, trainers and Kickers. I am not willing to buy expensive school shoes for him any more as he scuffs the front and they look manky within a week.

Has anyone bought a specific pair recently that are really good and can you direct me to them? I bought him one pair from Asda once that lasted a couple of months and the same for one Next pair he had but have bought shoes from both those places since and they were rubbish.

I would really like a pair that are scuff resistant - I don't expect them to last all year but as long as they don't scuff easily that's cool with me

Thanks x
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