anyone doing slimming world diet?

Found 8th Jan 2009
hi can anyone tell me if you can save your syns or do you use them daily please??


Not currently on a diet but you can save your sins up, which is great if you are doing something special at the weekend, etc. My daughter does slimming world diet and I used to go to Weight Watchers. WW did a similar thing but they were called floaters. I used to save my floaters up for the weekend and I lost 3 1/2 stone.

Good Luck with your diet.

used to use this diet and lost quite a bit of weight on it too. saved my syns up for the weekend so i could have a drink and some low fat crisps

Baked Walkers crisps - 5 sins a bag,
Mars Planets - 9 sins,
25ml measure of spirits - 2.5 sins

You can use daily or save them up!

I have used this in the past & spread them out over the week & it still worked!.

Good luck

When I was going to slimming world my consultant said to me to add up all of the syns for the week
Which I think in my case was 15 x 7 days = 105 syns.
She then told me to use them as I pleased throughout the week.
Some days I fancied chocolate some days nothing. So I didnt feel like I was going without by saving them just counted them down over the week. Nice to be able to still have pizza, etc.

It worked wonderfully & I lost few stone. A lot of people I know have managed to keep the weight off after for a long time as well. I havent but I yo-yo as I have a duff thyroid which plays up but when I am on the right meds it works for me too.

Good luck x

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thanks all its probably in the book somewhere but i couldnt see it for looking lol rep added to you all and yea it looks a fab plan x
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