Anyone done a mortgage recently, Barclays etc? All handled online, or had to go to branch?

Posted 11th Aug 2020
Just wondering about applying to a provider that doesn't have a branch nearby - would they want you to head to a physical branch or are they doing it all online these days?

Last mortgage a couple years back was HSBC and the first appointment was in branch so that's my only frame of reference!
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Currently helping my sister in law get a mortgage, and sorting out a mortgage myself.
Everything is done via phone/online. Submitted all paper work via email and online portal.

Works out alot easier if I am honest.
I have done mine online with HSBC... got an initial decision in principle via phone and then when I asked to convert it to full application, about 1 month later - found there was a 3 week wait for speaking to mortgage advisor to go through application.

The delay was due to advisors not working in branches and many deployed to other roles along with demand on applications.

I was not in in a position to wait three weeks for an appointment so completed an online application (without advice and everything was done online.

Good Luck
Switched to Barclays for my mortgage at the beginning of the year (before COVID) and all done online and via phone calls.

Only thing i needed was a certified copy of ID which i needed to go into Branch for them to copy and certify, that was it.
Waiting to exchange and everything so far has been done via our broker online and by phone. Nice and easy!
Did mine several months back with First Direct. All went surprisingly easy and could use HSBS branch to confirm ID if needed.
Did mine a few months ago all online with Habito brokers. Couldn't recommend highly enough!
Just done my renewal with first direct, extremely quick and easy, all done securely over the phone and email.
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