Anyone done jury service?

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Found 5th Nov 2009
My mum has to do it from monday and she doesnt know what to expect, anyone done it before and whats it like?

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very boring takes time top get through a case. easier than she may think judge gives you lots of advice etc.

yes, last year.i was on a case that lasted 2 weeks.
when i got to court there was alot of people and they split us into groups and i went off with my fellow jurors and we were given a description without specific details of the case and they tell you the names of the defendent and victims just incase you know them etc as you can't do it if you do and they'll move you to another trial.
one lady said she didn't want to do the trial i was on as she thought it too upsetting for her and she was sent on to another trial.
it depends what triail you are given as to how long you attend jury service after my 2 weeks on the same trial we were asked to stay on and do another one which only lasted a day.

i thoroughly enjoyed jury service, but i had a good case.
as above poster you get lots of help and advice.

I done it this year, and was panicking before, but it was ok, very tiring though as you are sitting around all day, make sure she takes lots to read/do. Usually the people that you are with you make good friends I got picked for both trials, but only lasted three days each so unfortunately had to go back to work !!!! Some people came and didnt even get picked at all, so had to wait all day doing nothing.

Done it twice now the second time I was head of the jury, was great got to look some smack dealing rat in the face and say guilty!.

Most of the time you are waiting around in a cafe type area to get a trial my first lasted 2 days the second lasted 4. Some people wait a week and dont even get on a trial and get discharged.

It's good fun though if you get an interesting case.

make sure she has a good book to read as there can be a long time hanging around waiting for something to happen

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Cheers for that people!

i wish i get called at some point..

Depends on your case I suppose. My maths teacher got called away for a 5 week case. Basically the evidence was a shoe print on the victims head. Two send down for Murder, one send down for attempted murder and GBH. That was a interesting maths lesson the day he got back..

I would personally love to do it oneday.

I thought it was great but it can be dull and as others have said take a book. I made friends quite quickly and we found a local pub that did good lunches as the food in the court canteen was rough!!!
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