anyone done the 5:2 diet?

just wondered if it works?


Have a look here

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No problem x


Is that you eat five times as much on 2 days of the week? (_;)

I did it last year in the lead up to my daughter's wedding. I lost 1st 8lb in about 3 months. It was a good way for me to lose weight personally but may not suit everyone. I found it easy(ish) to keep to the 400 calories on the 2 fasting days as I kept thinking, 'I can eat normally tomorrow'! But then when I got on the scales the next morning, seeing I weighed a pound or 2 less made me then want to eat sensibly and not go mad. It was good motivation having the wedding to aim for. However, I went on holiday after the wedding and put on about 6lb in a week as I ate so much and didnt do that much exercise either!!

There are books/articles and online info to help you plan what to eat on your fasting days.

Hope this helps!

Also, I wasn't strict on the 400 calories days, but tried to keep it as low as I could, so prob no more than 600.

I was telling people of this diet years ago.
I called it the crack head diet though, so maybe that's why it didn't take off?

The actual diet should be 3 days fasting with 0 calories. The reason behind it is that when you fast for 3 days your body breaks down the old white blood cells in your body. In short this process replenishes your immune system.
Link for fasting study
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