Anyone done video capture from Xbox360 -> Laptop?

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Found 15th Oct 2009
I often game in a social clan & would like to create some form of Machimia of us. Keep seeing these things on Youtube & would like to try my hand at video editing :-)

I have a good spec laptop, so guess I just need a video capture card. Few forums suggest this one…294

If you have done or do this kind of thing, any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated. Especially recommendations to what capture card to use.

The Xbox is pre HDMI btw




I have old capture cards in 2 of my PC's used for video editing , but had problems with video/audio sync when capturing from a video recorder . Wasn't happy with the second delay in sound when played back . So, I opted for devices that work with USB . Got a corking Xrecorder cheap from one of the forums . It allows you to capture from any device .ie sat system ,freeview , dvd player ,video recorder ,CCTV ,camcorder etc using phonos , s-VHS or even Firewire . It converts the signals to mpgs or avis and transports them to the PC/laptop through the USB2 port . Quality is excellent as the signal conversion is done by the Cirrus Logic chip in the device and not by the laptop/PC processor.

dazzle plat is the best for this

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Cheers for the replies guys

I will take a look at both options :-)
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